From Amsterdam to Pesaro

On the 27th of August we will leave from Amsterdam. Around March next year we are expecting to arrive in Pesaro. The first part of our trip is by sea to the north of France. In part 2 we will sail on the French rivers. For the last part we will paddle on the Mediterranean.de-route


Amsterdam – Le Havre

We will depart from Amsterdam to Pesaro on the 27th of August. From there we are going to navigate via small waterways to Katwijk aan Zee. At that point we will take a left and paddle via the North Sea along the coasts of Holland, Belgium and the North of France to Le Havre.


Le Havre – Mediterranean

It will be approximately mid-September when we will reach and paddle on the Seine to Paris. After Paris we will kayak along the (river) Marne to ultimately end up on the Rhône. Via Chalon-Sur-Saône we will continue and kayak towards the Mediterranean Sea. In France we will pass at least 170 locks. Our estimation is that we will see salt water again around the end of November.


Around Italy

From there on the route is straightforward: we will kayak along the coast and navigate around Italy (and Sicily) until we reach our destination: Pesaro. We are expecting to arrive at the beginning of March, after having kayaked about 5500 kilometers.